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Poppy lets you capture beautiful images and videos in 3D using your iPhone’s camera.

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Capture, view and share the world the way you experience it – in 3D

Feature Overview

iOS Compatible

Poppy works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and the 5th gen iPod Touch w/ rear camera.

No Batteries

Poppy is just mirrors and optics, so no batteries to charge or replace. Ever.

3D Camera

Record and share 3D video and still photographs using just your iPhone.


View life-like 3D images and video, effortlessly.

Twitter & Flickr

Browse thousands of Poppy 3D photos from Flickr and Twitter shared using #poppy3d.


View 1000’s of 3D movie trailers, music videos and more (free iOS app update coming in March)

Poppy is an astounding piece of tech that isn’t digital at all, but a precise assortment of mirrors and engineering genius that allows us to enjoy our smartphones in a novel way.

–  Popular Mechanics

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Just trust me. It’s a cool gadget - TechCrunch

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