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How to view 3D videos on mobile

Staying up with the latest technology can be super expensive. It seems like in the last five years alone, you went from a high-definition TV to a 3D TV to an Ultra HD TV. At nearly $1,500 a pop, that adds up quick. Thankfully, if 3D videos are something you’re trying to keep up on, you don’t need to spend a billion dollars to do it. There are a number of ways to watch 3D videos right on the phone you already have.

3D videos are videos or movies shot or edited in a way to provide the viewer with a three-dimensional view. Many of these, with the rise in virtual reality (VR) technology, are also available in a full immersive 360-degree experience. To view a 3D video, you will need to either convert it to a non-3D video (boring), or simply use a 3D viewer.


A 3D viewer can go by many names. Whether it’s a VR headset, 3D goggles, 3D glasses, or just a piece of cardboard with some modifications. The old style of 3D is still around and used occasionally on sites like YouTube. To view this kind of content, all you need is a pair of 3D glasses. While there are still retro 3D videos that use the old school blue and red specs, the newer ones utilize a technology similar to that you can see and use in a modern movie theater. Grab your cool glasses and press play.

The other, and much more popular version of a 3D viewer is a VR headset. These can sometimes be phone specific, like Samsung Gear VR, only usable on a Samsung Galaxy phone, linked to a video system, like the Playstation VR, or a standalone device made universally for any mobile phone. These headsets look similar to diving goggles. Except your nose isn’t covered and you can’t see through them. They play the kind of 3D videos that play on dual screens within the viewing area. This is so that when your phone is right up next to your face, you can see each video separately, but simultaneously, creating that 3D effect


A VR headset will cost you anywhere from $500 to nothing at all. Even the widely popular Google Cardboard is literally a piece of cardboard with some lenses placed in it. There are a number of tutorials online to tell you how to make your own cardboard VR glasses, as well. The nice cheaper models, though, are about $20-40 and are universal to work with your phone. They don’t include audio capabilities at that price point, but a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones can give you the full experience. If you want something with built in sound and even a controller you can use if you branch in VR games, you will have to spend a little more, closer to the $100-200 range.

The future is now and the future is the third dimension. Check it out today!

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