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SEO Basics — About Link Building by Vadym Kevin Zyabkin

What Is Link Building?

Link Building, in hazy terms, is a Search Engine Optimization technique that helps your website pile up competitively against the rest on the higher pages of Search Engines. Apparently, it’s the process of having other websites insert a link to your website in their content. That is to say, if website B adds a link that loads into website A (your site), you have a backlink from website B.

How Is It Important In SEO?


The chances are that you’ve heard about link building as a gem tool for SEO, but you may not have known its actual importance. Read about that below.

When your website is cited on others, it gives Google the impression that it’s a handy resource worth referring to. Consequently, Google’s algorithm will use this to rank your website. The more backlinks you have from other sites, the more likely you are to be ranked higher on the search engines. However, the backlinks have to come from quality-stamped, high-authority sites, too.

Backlinks also help you earn referral traffic (traffic that comes from people clicking your links from the website that has cited it). After all, your target is the customers, and if you can get them directly from referral traffic, the better.

Brand building is another benefit of link building. Depending on the quality and importance of your linked content (about services/goods), you get to create awareness about your brand. And since it’s featured on a high-authority site, the uptake is likely to be great.

How Do I Get My Website Linked?

It’s all about quality. Your content has to be unique, fact-full, high-quality, and compelling. Such a content naturally attracts the attention of other sites, which will react by linking it. Even if you have to ask other websites to link your content, it must have the above qualities. No one would like a poor-quality content associated with their sites.

Also, promote your content — there are many ways to do that. You can use platforms like social media. Ask famous bloggers, people with large numbers of followers, friends, and other influencers to feature your content in their accounts. This is a success tip.


Link building is a cornerstone of SEO. MashOn Niche Edits helps you get referral traffic, promote your brand, and rank higher on search engines. You can’t evade this process if you want to increase your site’s visibility.

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