Everything You Need to Know about Guest Posting


Link building has been known to be the best way to improve your website’s SEO and enhance the ranking of your website on Google’s SERPs. But it is also something that Google favors under no circumstances, no matter how integral it might be to the domain of SEO. And that is why, it is incredibly essential that you either handle the delicate task as carefully as possible yourself, or get an SEO agency to do the job for you. Speaking of link building, one of the most effective ways to go about it is by the method of Guest Posting, and we shall be looking into the same in its more significant details over the subsequent sections.

What is Guest Posting All About?

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is the method of writing a well-researched article of a favorable length on a particular niche, and getting the same published on someone else’s blog. Therefore, as the name suggests, you are the guest who is writing an article for someone’s blog. Guest Blogging is a mutually beneficial process in that it benefits the webmaster with quality content as well as the guest blogger who gets a quality backlink pointed at his/her site. Guest Posting helps in fostering long-term relationships and is a great SEO technique for people who are ready to wait for the results to kick in. Guest Posting is a wonderful way of building quality links, but it requires a fair share of efforts to be put in.

Going about the Process of Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is an excellent way of building quality links, but you need to cover that extra mile to get the best results. It all begins with a good amount of research!

  • You need to devise a way to come up with a list of credible websites in your niche that have a good amount of traffic and that accept guest posts.
  • Once you determine the sites that you think will work well with your website, you must reach out to them by sending them a pitch for the guest post via emails.
  • After and if they approve the pitch, you must write your guest post by digging deep into the niche and resources available, and write the article conforming to the rubrics laid down by the webmaster.
  • One of the greatest advantages of Guest Posting over any other form of link building is that you can optimize your content in a way that will make room for a smooth integration of your target keyword within the fabric of the content.

Guidelines on Writing a Great Guest Post:

It is vital that you stick to some basic rules of writing a guest post if you want to see the post performing well and help your website’s ranking in the long term. Speaking of which, here are a few things that you must keep in your mind while writing a guest post:

  • Though the primary aim of writing a guest post is to get your products and services out there, you must do it in a way that it does not look like you are advertising your services. Keep it subtle and organic. Guest Posting is not advertising or promoting your website, but subtly getting your point across to your target audience and earning backlinks in the process.
  • Make sure that you format the article in the way other articles on the webmaster’s site are formatted. This will enhance the chances of your guest post being accepted, and you might not even have to pay for the post to be published. Use headings, subheadings, pointers, credible references and multimedia to corroborate your arguments and strengthen the discussion.
  • Use internal links to link your guest post to some other relevant and informative pieces found on the webmaster’s site. You can do so by Google searching for site: domain.com intitle: keyword. This will lead you to the webmaster’s top-performing posts and help you tweak the quality of your article.
  • Finally, always remember to include a Call to Action that generates more discussions, comments and leaves enough room to open a dialogue about the post.


Guest Posting, if done right, can generate substantial traffic over time and help your website get the right exposure on Google’s SERPs. Therefore, make sure that you have resorted to the appropriate means while pitching the guest post and writing the same. With that, and a little bit of patience, you shall be able to reap the benefits for a long time.